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Chalky Crown

Unleash your artistic side with our high-quality chalks. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a teacher, or simply someone who loves to doodle, our chalks offer a smooth and vibrant drawing experience.

Unleash your creativity with our versatile art craft mat

Providing the perfect canvas for your imaginative masterpieces!

Fun & Magnificent

Unleash your child's creativity with diamond painting—a captivating craft that dazzles young artists!

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The color is very vibrant. It's easy to wipe off. They look great on my calendar
These are awesome! Super easy to use and the colors are bright
Bought these for my clear acrylic calendar on my fridge. Colors show up bright and opaque. Highly recommend!

Diamond Painting Stickers

Diamond Painting for Kids Keeps Children Entertained and Relaxed - If you're looking for a simple yet fun and engaging way to keep your children entertained, diamond painting is an excellent choice. This diamond sticker kit is a therapeutic and relaxing activity that can ease your child's mind and allow them to get as creative as possible.


Diamond Art

On the hunt for an all-in-one diamond art painting kit? Each kit includes everything you need to complete your own masterpiece. Chalky Crown's diamond art tools kit comes with a fabulous 41 pieces in beautiful colors.


Diamond Keychains

The diamond drawings for kids spark creativity and help children improve their fine motor skills while having fun!


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